NCERT English (Class 7) – Honeycomb, Chapter 8P – Meadow Surprises

Additional Questions

Q.1: What are ‘Meadow Houses’?

Ans: Meadow houses are the open and green houses made by various animals and insects in meadows or grassland.

Q.2: What do the butterflies do on flowers?

Ans: Butterflies rest on buttercups and suck nectar of the flowers.

Q.3: Why do dandelions become airy parachutes?

Ans: Dandelions dry up, become light and are blown off with a light blow of air. Hence they are called airy parachutes.

Q.4: What type of houses one can see in meadow?

Ans: Houses made by burrows, nests and ants in the shape of mounds can be seen in the meadows.

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